Traveling With a Vagina

If you have a vagina or you are traveling with one (girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother or sister), there are precautions you should take to have a pleasant trip. It all depends on your destination, you could be treated as a goddess, as a specie in the verge of extinction, as a human being or as prostitute. I have to confess, I never thought having a vagina could be so complicated.

Cairo and my encounter with an ancient tradition

While preparing for my trip to Egypt, I made sure I bought very conservative clothes, specially for my stay in Cairo. The idea of converting myself from head to toes was making the trip a hassle, but as a tourist, I  respect the country’s rules and identity. My main goal in this trip was to enjoy the difference of the culture, the pyramid and monuments; you need to see them to understand why a visit to Egypt is a must. In our second day in Cairo, we decide to spend the afternoon in Giza. After visiting the archaeological site, we enjoyed a delicious meal in a restaurant on the market, Khan el-Khalili, Bab al-Ghuri. Isaac and I decided to go for a walk to Al-Azhar park …

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Quisqueya: peninsula of machos and “mamis”

Camera, check. Chargers, check. Vagina, even if I try I can’t leave home without it, check. The feeling of traveling and learning about different cultures and environments is breathtaking. It is part of being alive and enjoy the world. But behind all of those emotions, experience and expectation, you might have a monster or a beauty waiting for you wherever your destination may be. I have discovered many wonderful things along my journey through different countries and a very meticulous ugly beast. It all comes down to what you are holding between your legs. Yup! How different your travel experience can be when you are carrying a vagina …

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Share your experience …

If you, as a tourist, have ever felt mistreated or discriminated against for having a vagina. Share your story and help travelers be prepared for what they may encounter.

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