We need a taxi. Hide the gringo!

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We need a taxi. Hide the gringo!

In this fast paced world, I treasure those random memories that make me stop and smile. One of those funny moments was haggling over the price of taxi in Cuba. It is part of the fun while traveling to such very unique Caribbean Island.

Once in the Havana my friends, family and I rapidly learned that by hiding my husband (the only Caucasian in the group) it saved us the time to haggle the price too much. So every time we had to wave a taxi stop, my lovely husband had to stay few (perhaps more than few) steps away from us until we negotiate the price.

As the saying said “Knowledge is the key that open doors”, therefore, before our trip we made sure to get informed about prices beforehand. A personal taxi usually takes you around Havana for $5.00 CUC ($1 CUC= .85 USD).  They will try to take advantage and ask for $8.00 or sometimes even $10.00, but you have to stay firm and keep negotiating in a polite way.

At the end it is all a fun experience. Just keep in mind to enjoy yourself and enjoy your ride!


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