Getting away from the rush: North Fork, Long island

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Getting away from the rush: North Fork, Long island


Kontokosta Vineyard

OHH YES! I love a getaway! And I love it even more when it just takes a drive of a couple of hours. There is nothing like slowing down and enjoying life. In other words, nothing like a short drive to enjoy the seaside charm of Long Island’s North Fork.

North Fork is a very scenic part of Long Island. It is all about farms, wineries, small shops, restaurants and quiet beaches. When my husband and I need a break, we take the car, turn the music on and drive along route 25 to get away from the rush. It is indeed an amazing and very relaxing time.

Our adventure usually starts with some stops along the way. Our first is always in this particular roadside farm shop in front of a sunflower plantation. Their roasted corn is so tasty and the place is inviting to take pictures! Many Pictures! They even have cute kind of trucks, big Popeye Cartoon and a big corn. Ohhh! And I can’t forget about the tables! Very unique tables made out of wood and big wheels.


After that, the Wineries! North Fork has more than 3 dozen of them! I love to drive around and enjoy the natural beauty of the vineyard. I am not a wine connoisseur but I relish exploring it. One of my favorite wineries is Kontokosta. This is a water front property with a beautiful bar testing room. You also can walk by the edge of a cliff overlooking the long island Sound while enjoying the taste of your favorite wine.  My husband and I had an unforgettable time and a couple bottles of wine to bring home!


Kontokosta Vineyard

The evening continued walking in the cute village of Greenport. It is a must! This historic seaport is very picturesque. I I love to watch the sunset over the Peconic bay and go for a beer in Greenport Harbor Brewery located in this old fire department building. The place is small but the ambience is great!. We got the beer flight, which was fantastic and you can keep the glass as a souvenir.


Greenport Harbor Brewery

When my children come with us, they always had a lot of fun too!. One of their favorite things to do, besides the water sports that the town offers is riding the town antique carousel. They never get enough of this charming waterfront entrainment. It has a gold ring that if they, while riding, can pull it out, they earn free rides!.


Greenport antique carousel

And if this was not enough, you can also take the ferry to go to Shelter Island. This small island with a magic country charm is only a 10 minute ride from Greenport and you can bring your car with you. My time there have been unforgettable but! I will be writing more about it in my next post “Getting away from the rush: Shelter Island, a special destination”.

And remember; Life is made up of special moment; slow down and enjoy either at home or …On the Go♥


Orient Point, North Fork NY
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