From Bermuda Con Amor!

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From Bermuda Con Amor!

Traveling has always been the passion of my life. My inspiration for travel comes from a phrase by St. Augustine “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” One of those pages in my book has been filled by Bermuda.

This lovely island in the Sargasso Sea, often confused as part of the Caribbean sea, is full of beautiful and colorful homes with white painted roofs.

Coming from a tropical island myself, I’ve always thought about my country, the Dominican Republic, as having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But once I visited Bermuda I fell in love with it. It’s Blue Water and pink sand combination makes it a very romantic setting.

The best way to explore Bermuda for the first time and by far the cheapest way is going on a Cruise Ship. Most Cruise lines offer a 7 Day itinerary and spend about 3 days docked on either Kings Wharf, Hamilton, or a combination of both. Hamilton is the Capital of Bermuda and therefore where the main shops and restaurants are located. I spent around $1,200 USD for my wife and I, but prices vary depending on the category you choose. I had a stateroom (that’s how they call the rooms) with a porthole. I did not want to spend extra money on a balcony.

Please be warned, alcoholic drinks are not included in the cruise. Also, because everything is imported to the island, Bermudan shops and restaurants are very expensive. I spent about $20 USD on a simple breakfast in the city. So if you go on a budget prevent that from happening by enjoy the plentiful food on the ship before you step out.

The best way to get around the whole island is by renting a scooter, single or double. Scooter rental is really easy. I spent about $130 USD for a double. I enjoyed it so much, since it allowed me to explore the whole island and go to the places most tourists are not able to go. But one thing I must point out is that Bermuda is a British colony, therefore they drive on the left side of the road, so be careful.

Tip: If you are a government employee, some shops offer a ten percent discount. Do a web search if interested in scooter rental or make a comment below for any recommendations for me or others in the blog.

If snorkeling or scuba diving is what makes your blood boil, then Bermuda should be number one on your list. I am not an avid swimmer, and for health reasons I did not do scuba diving, but I bought a snorkeling set and have no regrets about it. It was the best experience I had in the island. The water is so pristine that the vivid colors of the fish sparkle as they move in front of you.

I encourage you to start filling the pages of your own book. Bermuda is a magical place and depending on the season and way of traveling it could be very affordable as well.

So start sailing!


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