Elevator Ride: Only for the bravest

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Elevator Ride: Only for the bravest

Once my husband said “Elevators in Cuba are like parking in NYC; you have to give yourself a half an hour to spare when coming or going.”

Moreover, our trip to Cuba could not be the same without our very unique elevator experience. Everything started when my friends and I got into the building and saw the elevator. It was antique with a beautiful carving on the wood door and above it decorated with an old dial floor indicator that looked like the ones cinematographers use in horror movies. It looked a little run down, but we thought it was OK. After waiting around 20 minutes for the elevator to come down we started to get worried.

“Should we take the stairs instead?” Was the question we started to formulate.

Then the door opened and our fears really started to kick in.

‘3 people max. This elevator has approximately 60 years of exploitation and low maintenance. Please be considerate’ a sign inside the elevator read.

We couldn’t help but stared at each other,  our faces looked like someone who had just received a death sentence. The fate of who’s going to be the first 3 victims had to be decided. Between laughing and sweating hands, the brave ones went up first.

“Wait!” We heard a voice call out from behind us. “Before you get in, you should know that this elevator goes directly to your apartment, so when you get to your floor you will have to put your foot on the door, so it doesn’t close while you wait for the apartment door to be opened, which is directly behind the elevator door”.

Throwing caution to the wind, we stepped into the elevator, and pressed the button to our floor. The door closed, and we were trapped, with a shudder and clank, the elevator began to move. Now the sweat really began to pour.

“Is it too late to take the stairs?” I asked myself … NO! Now is not the time for cowardice, we are in Cuba, Castro wasn’t afraid, so we can’t be either. Finally after what seemed to be an eternity we reached our floor.

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