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Cuba Restaurant Travel

10 places you must visit in Havana

Cuba is a fascinating place. It can transport you to the past in ways that only a few countries can. Walking around the picturesque streets of Cuba, one can only be a distant observant of what is really going on in the country. There are many socio-political topics about Cuba that you might be aware […]

Egypt Travel Traveling with a vagina

My trip to Cairo and my encounter with an ancient tradition

After a couple of unwanted vagina experiences, I take more precaution when traveling to a new place. I do more research and read more about the power and disadvantage of traveling with a vagina.  My google search includes the words “Women in [ place I am visiting];” The expected long list of articles never seem […]

Dominican Republic Travel

Affordable Resort in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic

My family and I recently had the opportunity to spend the holidays in our homeland, Dominican Republic. We wanted to spend Christmas in a good resort where we could relax and enjoy the beauty our Island has to offer. However, to our surprise, almost every  all-inclusive hotel were requiring a minimum of seven nights stay […]

Dominican Republic Travel Traveling with a vagina

How different your travel experience may be when you are traveling with a vagina?

Camera, check. Chargers, check. Vagina, even if I try I can’t leave home without it, check. The feeling of traveling and learning about different cultures and environments is breathtaking. It is part of being alive and enjoy the world. But behind all of those emotions, experience and expectation, you might have a monster or a […]

Cuba Travel

6 Things you need to know before renting a car in Cuba

There are not many major car rental companies in Cuba. From what we gathered in our pre-trip research and during our visit in Cuba, only two rental cars company stood out for us: Rex Car Rental and Havanaautos. We also saw signs and offices for a car rental company call “Cubacar” but judging from all […]

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