10 places you must visit in Havana

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10 places you must visit in Havana

Cuba is a fascinating place. It can transport you to the past in ways that only a few countries can. Walking around the picturesque streets of Cuba, one can only be a distant observant of what is really going on in the country. There are many socio-political topics about Cuba that you might be aware of, but I will keep myself away from them. However, I would like to share my recommendations of where you can see the sunset with live music, and some of the most popular Havana’s musicals that you can go to. Also, where you can go and savor a Cuba libre, Mojito or a cocktail of your choice while forgetting about your everyday life’s struggles. ENJOY YOUR TRIP!


Hotel Nacional de Cuba El Hotel Nacional de Cuba is located at Calle Obispo Esquina A S/N, La Habana 10100, Cuba. Tel. 7836-3564

Hotel Nacional is an elegant place where you can sit down in the outdoor bar, have a pleasant evening and zip a mojito either by yourself, friends, or with your family. First, you can go around and observe the hotel’s magnificent entrances and sculptures. After having an overview of the hotel, you can go directly to its patio to appreciate the wonderful sunset overlooking the Malecón and the sea.

Additionally, if you feel like spending a day in the hotel’s pool, you can get a day pass.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a guest of the hotel in order to enjoy its amenities.

I would not recommend the food at the Hotel’s buffet. It is not worth the price of $25 CUC. The only food I was able to eat at the buffet was the grilled fish and some fruits. Skipped the buffet and eat somewhere outside the hotel.

The Cabaret Parisian Show is located in the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. You can buy the tickets in the main entrance of the hotel. The tickets cost $35 CUC and it includes one drink. And $45 with the dinner included. The dinner is inside the hotel (buffet style). The dinner is pretty average. Another option will be to dine before the show and just get the standard ticket. Also, make sure to arrived 45 minutes prior to the show so you can get good sits. After the show, you can enjoy some salsa lessons. Plus, you can participate in a fun contest where the audience can go on stage and dance to the different Latin rhythm. The show can last up to 2 hours. We’ve participated on the post-show and had a blast! So, don’t feel intimidated to participated and join the fun!

Another fabulous show is the Tropicana.

The Cabaret Tropicana Show The Cabaret Tropicana Show Is located at Calle 72 y Linea del ferrocarril, Marianao, Ciudad de la Habana. Phone: (537)267 1717.

The Tropicana show is the oldest cabaret show located in Havana. This is the most popular and biggest show there.

The prices ranges from $70-90 CUC per person, which includes for $70 CUC, 1 Welcome drink,1/4 Bottle of Havana Club White Extra Aged Rum1 Coke,1 Cold cuts dish. For $80 CUC, Main table,1 Welcome drink¼ Bottle of Havana Club Reserva Extra Aged or Havana Club Gold Extra Aged Rum, 1 Coke1 Cold cuts dish. And for $90CUC Main table,1 Welcome drink, ¼ Bottle of Whiskey or Havana Club Reserva Extra Aged Rum,1 Coke,1 Cold cuts dish 1 Souvenir.

El Malecón

El Malecon is an Oceanside pedestrian walkway where you can just relax, sit, fish, walk, run and have an extraordinary time looking at the Sunset. You can go in the evening and spend time with your loves ones or by yourself. Also, you can do your morning run in a peaceful manner. While staying in Cuba, we have walk many times by the Malecon. Everyday it will be a different crowd there. Consequently, You have to find out where is the best time for you to go.


La Habana Vieja

El Floridita Obispo 557 esq a Monserrate Habana Vieja, Havana 10100, Cuba. Phone: +53 7 8671300

El floridita was Hemingway’s favorite restaurant. Usually people gather in the bar or the bar’s restaurant to enjoy the live music. El Floridita is well known for its famous Daiquiris. Some of the signature’s cocktails that El Floridita offers are:

  • Papa Hemingway
  • Daiquirí Floridita
  • Daiquirí Mulata
  • Daiquirí Rebelde
  • Daiquirí Clásico
  • Mojito
  • Presidente
  • Cuba Libre
  • Havana Especial

If you are looking for a more formal dinning experience, El floridita also has a more formal restaurant in the back of its location. You can ask one of the hostesses about the seating arrangement and they will be able to assist you. The menu of the restaurant mostly offers seafood. But if you are like me, that gets shellfish allergies, you can order from the bar menu. It has a regular ham and cheese sandwich and tapas as well. The people who frequently go to El floridita are mostly tourist. So if you are looking for a place with more locals on it. You have to step out from the main places of La Havana Vieja.

 La bodeguita del medio Calle Empedrado 207 btw. Calles San Ignacio and Cuba). Phone number: 78671374. Main Courses CUC $9-$22.

La bodeguita del medio is a well-known restaurant bar in Havana. It is known because of the many famous poets and artist who used to visited it. Adding to that, La bodeguita del medio was also part of the Hemingway’s trail. Furthermore, it is said that la bodeguita is the birthplace of the Mojito. Most of the tourist goes there to taste the authentic mojito. On the other hand, the mojitos there are overpriced in comparison with other places around Cuba. As I mentioned before, DO NOT EXPECT the mojitos in Cuba to taste like the ones you might have just tasted in other parts of the world. The Mojitos’ taste is different in Cuba because of the rum they used to make it with. But, they are drinkable, and you are going to enjoy your time over there!

Paladar Doña Eutimia #60-C, Callejon del Chorro, La Habana, Cuba. Phone:+53 7 8611332. Dinner reservation is recommended. Main courses CUC$7.00- 10.00 CUC.

Doña Eutimia is a very popular place to eat in Old Havana. It is a very crowd place so it is highly recommended for you to make reservations. However, if you are around the area you can always passed by Doña Eutimia and try to get a table. Your “Paladar” would not regret it. We recommend for you to try The Ropa Vieja, and the Cuban desserts such as the Cuban flan.

La factoria Plaza Vieja San Ignacio, La Habana, Cuba.

La factoria Plaza Vieja is a microbrewery located in the Old Square, Havana. While we were walking around the area, we were indecisive in which restaurant or bar we should go to unwind. Subsequently, We saw La factoria Plaza Vieja and decided to go there. We sat down in the outdoors’ seating and waited for the waiter. The waiter was helpful, but we had to wait a long time for the food and drinks to be served. The food was ok. However, the environment was great. We order the table craft beer. The beer did not have a strong flavor but it tasted good. There are not many beer options in Havana anyways. The craft beer is served in a high tube that you can refill your cup on your own pace.  You can also order a small sized beer for yourself.

This place is very spacious, which is great for big groups.

304 O’reilly  Address: Habana Vieja, Havana, Cuba Phone No. +53 7 8630206. Mobil: +53 5 2644725 Opening hours: noon till midnight

304 O’reilly is a tapas bar and restaurant. This tapas bar is very popular because of its cocktails and its great food. It is better if you make reservations. The restaurant is small and it gets crowed pretty soon! I highly recommended for you to try the mojito and the ceviche.

Central Havana

La Guarida Calle Concordia, no. 418 (btw. Gervasio and Escobar). Phone No. 78669047Main courses CUC $14-CUC $20

La Guarida is well known for its appearance in the famous movie: “Fresa y Chololate” (Strawberry and Chocolate). This movie was filmed in Cuba in 1979. It was about a University student who meets a gay artist that was unhappy with the Castro regimen towards the LGBT community.The building is stunning. It has a rooftop bar with a big frame on it. This is one of the places that you must experience it yourself. Highly recommended.





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